Direct admission is open for 2-year B.Ed. Special Education program in Intellectual Disability and Learning Disability.   Direct admission is open for 2-year B.Ed. Special Education program in Intellectual Disability and Learning Disability.   Direct admission is open for 2-year B.Ed. Special Education program in Intellectual Disability and Learning Disability.

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The Prevocational and Vocational units provide a bridge for the easy transition of persons with special needs from school to work, keeping in mind the aptitude and physical and mental ability of each individual.The Prevocational and Vocational units serve as a seamless connection between education and employment for individuals with special needs, taking into consideration their unique capabilities, aptitudes, and physical and mental capacities.


Prevocational unit

Students acquire practical language and mathematical competencies that are essential for pursuing various career options in the general job market.

Vocational Units


Bakery Unit

Baking is a skill that does not require a large investment in infrastructure and can be started with a small unit at home. They are getting training from the expert who has, has experience of working with renowned hotels and bakery shops.

Kitchen Unit

A group of students learn through hands on work as per his/ her ability. Training is given in all kitchen related activities e.g. peeling, rolling, frying, identifying lentils, chopping vegetables, preparing meals, snacks, sherbets etc.


Block Printing Unit

This unit imparts practical knowledge and training of traditional hand block printing technique of Rajasthan under the guidance of experts.. It is the most popular and oldest technique of Rajasthan. Curriculum has been designed by the external and inhouse experts which includes introduction about the traditional art form, its importance in Indian handicraft arena and demand in the International and international market followed by the technical aspects of the process and preparations to be done.


Stitching Unit

Each trainee is provided with individual supervision to acquire fundamental stitching abilities and knowledge of various machines, including basic, fashion maker, computerized, and interlocking machines. This instruction leads to more advanced techniques such as embroidery, patchwork, quilting, and pattern making.


Art & Craft Unit

In this module, students explore drawing and painting with various mediums, as well as engage in paper craft. These artistic outlets allow students to express their innermost thoughts and emotions, resulting in the creation of exceptional and aesthetically pleasing artwork. Paper craft techniques can also be applied to create practical and functional items, such as block-printed wrapping paper, cards, stationery, decorative paperweights, colorful wall hangings, and office desk accessories, all of which showcase the students' imaginative abilities.


Machine unit

The students are trained to operate a diverse range of machines, including photocopying, lamination, spiral binding, popcorn making, knitting, tea and coffee preparation, spice grinding, and more, with the aim of preparing them for a variety of job opportunities.


Canteen Management

Running a canteen is much more than just providing healthy foods. It could be an employment opportunity for people with multiple disabilities. They can start a small canteen at their home or get employment. The course pertains to the theoretical knowledge and training required to deliver wholesome meals in a manner that is both profitable and efficient.