Direct admission is open for 2-year B.Ed. Special Education program in Intellectual Disability and Learning Disability.   Direct admission is open for 2-year B.Ed. Special Education program in Intellectual Disability and Learning Disability.   Direct admission is open for 2-year B.Ed. Special Education program in Intellectual Disability and Learning Disability.

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The therapeutic services offered in conjunction with the "Center for Special Education," "Home Management," and the "Outreach programs" aim to provide a range of services to children with multiple disabilities. These services include Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Aquatic therapy, Speech therapy, and Equine therapy. The primary objective of these services is to deliver comprehensive rehabilitative services and promote functional independence for special needs children and young adults.



The aim of the physiotherapy services is to provide medico-social rehabilitation for children with multiple disabilities. This is achieved through the use of various technical inputs that promote functional goals. The children receive individual sessions, group sessions, and family training sessions. The focus of the therapeutic intervention is on the development of functional abilities using physiotherapy techniques. The physiotherapy unit works closely with the occupational therapy and speech therapy units to enhance the prognosis through a multidisciplinary approach. The physiotherapy center's facilities are also utilized by other physiotherapy colleges for the clinical posting of undergraduate students. Additionally, the therapists conduct various workshops and staff development programs to improve their skills and knowledge.


Aquatic therapy

Our therapy department has incorporated Aquatic therapy, which was introduced in 2011. The therapy pool is uniquely designed for children with disabilities and is the only one of its kind in Rajasthan.


Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy unit, which is an integral part of our multidisciplinary team, offers a range of services such as individualized assessments, sensory integration, early intervention, and treatment aimed at promoting skill development and fostering independence in daily living activities. Additionally, the unit evaluates mobility and postural aids and recommends adaptive modifications. Our collaboration with Boston University Occupational Therapy College provides international summer internships, a one-month program that takes place in July and is supervised by our therapy department.


Sensory Integration

The Sensory Integration therapy program is facilitated by the Occupational therapist in a specialized unit that is fully equipped for this purpose. The therapy focuses on addressing the sensory imbalances commonly found in children and young adults with developmental disabilities, particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Individual, group, and classroom sessions are provided to help integrate sensory stimulation and responses, ultimately improving motor functions. The program is designed to be comprehensive and effective, helping to improve the quality of life for those who participate in it.


Equine therapy

Disha collaborates with the Calvary unit at the Army Campus to provide Equine therapy, which aims to improve the overall rehabilitation and functional abilities of children through a multisensory approach. This therapy involves using the characteristic movements of a horse to provide graded motor and sensory input, and is considered a form of physical and occupational therapy. By establishing a foundation for improved neurological function and sensory processing, Equine therapy can help children generalize their skills to a wide range of daily activities.


Speech therapy

The Speech Therapy department collaborates closely with the Center for Special Education to cater to the specific needs of children with special needs. The primary focus is on assessing and treating speech, language, and communication difficulties, as well as addressing oromotor issues related to eating and swallowing. The qualified speech therapist is equipped to handle a range of disorders, including disarticulation, dysfluency, voice disorders, oromotor rehabilitation, and feeding issues. Regular therapy sessions are conducted, and parents receive counseling to help develop and implement a home-based intervention program. Referrals for speech therapy services come from the Center for Special Education, Home Management, and Early Intervention groups.