Success Story


Vineet; A 19 years old young boy, now a confident On Job Trainee at the Aquatic Therapy Center was not like this when he came to DISHA. It was quite difficult to assess him, extremely shy, he refused to respond to any thing. He just sat smiling with his head down to the extent that his face was buried in his chest. During his assessment he showed some interest in stitching work so was placed in the stitching unit. His parents were quite worried about his shy behavior as he was not socializing even with family members, friends and neighbors and had become a topic of discussion amongst them.

In the first year of training he continued to maintain a stooped posture. Verbal prompting was used to encourage him to raise his head and
to stand up but did not respond. The first year of training was focused on peer & teacher interaction and timely visit to the toilet. Though his work performance improved, due to his extreme shyness and poor communication skills it was difficult to build on his talents. Disha has been working continuously on his communication skills and self confidence.

To improve his interaction, he was placed with different teachers, special educators, therapists and students and was also given various responsibilities.This intervention proved successful as his communication and interaction skills improved greatly. Now Vineet greets all staff members on the first meeting, conveys messages and information from person to person.

The continuous efforts of DISHA team paid off as Vineet now happily completes his allocated tasks & responsibilities and has become very caring and helpful towards his schoolmates. He makes an effort to cheer them up and to help them with their wheelchairs, crutches and assists them otherwise also wherever possible.

Currently, to continue to build these skills he has been placed On Job Training in the aquatic therapy unit. On completion of this training we anticipate he will be ready for job placement within the community. We sincerely wish he achieves the capacity to earn independently and
contribute financially.

success storysuccess story


Nandini ; An inspiration for many, a live example of courage, dedication, devotion. A 12 years old young girl with a beautiful smile, a keen learner who has her own view point, she wants to win over the world and her limitations using her intelligence as her strength. She has a very supportive family & is the centre of life of her parents and elder sister. They all work hard to support Nandini.

Nandini has neural tube defect and because of that she has many physical limitations. She uses the wheelchair for mobility. Though she is dependent on others for her basic needs but is very independent in her thoughts. It seems like a fairy tale, but it's a true story and Nandini was not like that when she joined DISHA.

Nandini came to DISHA at the age of five, before that her family was living in Ajmer and was brought to Disha in her parent's lap not even able to hold her neck. Her academic level was also very low.

In Disha she was given regular rigorous Physiotherapy sessions & regular academic remediation by the trained special educators. This turned her into a very active and intelligent girl who is now sitting in her wheel chair with a straight back and neck. She is doing very well in her academics. She is also showing her talent in drawing and painting, in poetry, in debate, in theatre.

She plays the lead role in majority of skits and dramas. Nandini is one of the brightest students of DISHA, who proved that if an opportunity is given at the right time and in the right direction. She is equal to all others.

Nandini is regularly getting physiotherapy, aquatic therapy, equine therapy for further improvement in her physical abilities. She is a proud student of NIOS - DISHA studying in grade Vith.

She wants to become an IAS officer. She is determined to overcome her limitations. DISHA is proud to have her and wish her a bright future.

success storysuccess story