Success Story


Ankit, a 12 year old boy with an innocent smile, has proved that if you are keen to learn, no limitations can stop you, be they physical or mental.
Ankit was born with a condition of Microcephaly which results in impaired learning and impaired motor functions.

He was admitted to Disha in 2008 at the age of 7 years, with a series of behavioural problems. Disha adopted two prolonged approaches for his rehabilitation, (1) Working on his academics through using appropriate special education methods and (2) by giving him appropriate guidance and counselling to help them calm down his aggressive social behaviour. Regular academic remediation and counselling through social stories over a period of time has truly brought out the best in him.

success story
Ankit is now a well adjusted, academically proficient member of not only his class but of the whole C.S.E. Although he has his short coming in academics, he is a keen learner, who never loses hope, he tries again and again. The result is that he has on many occasions performed much beyond his limitations and our expectations.

In fact, his most recent achievement instils a sense of pride amongst everyone in Disha; Ankit passed his class 10th examination from the National Institute of Open Schooling in 2018, a milestone that only few in his position are capable of attaining. His determination and hard work puts to shame even the best of us.

He is a keen sportsman (swimming is his forte), an excellent dancer and a very talented actor who handles any responsibility given to him with commitment. Ankit’s supportive family especially the positive attitude of his father has played a very important role in his successful rehabilitation.

All the best Ankit, keep going ahead and keep going fast!!!!


“Work for a cause not for applause. Live to express not to impress” is what we proudly follow at Disha.

We wish to share with you a golden experience that has been etched in our memories forever- the amazing transformation of our poster boy Nand kishore Sharma. “It is not a mountain we conquer but ourselves”. Nand kishore Sharma is a best example of this quote.

A beautiful amalgamation of this young boy’s sheer determination and the never-give-up attitude of the entire team of Disha brought out the success story of the so-called poster boy of Disha. As a student he joined Disha in the year 2008. Looking at the boy that he was then to his present self, shows a long odyssey of courage, determination and discipline to be at the pinnacle of success, not to forget the tremendous patience and undeterred efforts put in by our highly dedicated team at Disha whose first and foremost priority is treating the differently abled children just like normal children.

success story

Being intellectually impaired, after assessment and evaluation Nand Kishore was put under appropriate therapies and training. That is when our team found that he had an inclination towards sports especially Roller Skating. They decided to mould this inclination into passion. What started off as passion slowly became a mission and ultimately a goal to reach a highest level. It did seem to be a journey of hurdles but when birds sing after a storm why shouldn’t we?

With courage and determination we decided to chalk out our strategies to transform Nand kishore into a budding sportsman. The next two years saw tremendous hard work, undeterred dedication and untiring training. Never was he considered a boy with special needs. His diet was monitored, natural supplements were given to build his immunity and he was put through various kinds of training to keep him focused and fit. . He was taken to various mainstream schools to observe and practice with the students there. This was done to find out where he stands compared to them and also learn other skills related to Roller Skating. Because of his complete co-operation with our team, nothing stopped us from giving him more inputs. He travelled across the country, accompanied by our team to participate in the preparatory camps and training sessions. These untiring efforts of Nand kishore, his coach Mrs.Kesar Aara and his family finally bore results when he was selected to represent India in the Summer Olympics at Athens, Greece in the year 2011.

On 28th June 2011, history was made when Nand kishore won Gold in 300m, Silver in 200m and a Bronze in 100m at the international stage. It was indeed a remarkable accomplishment for a young boy with special needs who now stands tall with pride and honor, bearing the torch for millions of others in the country.

After winning at Athens the euphoria that he created in the hearts of millions will always be cherished in high esteem topped with strong hopes and determination especially for the differently abled.

Today he is a super confident, outspoken, friendly and a social young man who is a role model to his juniors. He has made his parents extremely proud and they are so thankful that their dream came alive through Disha. Moreover, he is now doing extremely well physically and financially as his father has placed him in a store that he runs all by himself, thus truly fulfilling our objective as an organization to making our children, independent and strong, despite all their shortcomings.

Disha’s dedicated and excellent teamwork is its valuable asset and pride and we wish to quote what George Bernard Shaw said “You see things and you say why? But I dream things that never were and say why not?”


“Work for a cause not for applause. Live to express not to impress” is what we proudly follow at Disha.

There are stories and there are fairy tales. The former rooted in reality and the latter mere pieces of imagination. And here is a fairy tale seeming true story. Charu Taneja was marked by her limitations before she came to DISHA in 2011.

Charu is intellectually impaired and has difficulty in movement due to the gap between femur and pelvic bones. She dropped out of school in 6th standard itself because of her inability to get along with the other students and as a result of staying home idle for a long period of time, she even suffered from mild depression. Once admitted to DISHA, with a good learning capacity, Charu overcame her limitations and her self-confidence improved greatly. The unequal length of her legs couldn’t stop her from scaling heights of achievements once she found her mettle in sports. Placed in the stitching unit under the Vocational training programme, the sparks of potential to become an exceptional sportsperson was impossible to ignore in Charu. DISHA’s sports trainer Ms. Kesar Aara fondly recollects beaming with pride. Her interest in Volleyball led to intense skill training for the game, for which both the school and family joined hands to aid her in practising and mould a brilliant player out of her.

success story

Surpassing the hurdles of her disability with a smile, Charu embarked on her journey to glory from the National Volleyball Championship in 2012 where her team bagged a bronze and she was selected to the National team. The experience gained from the inter-school, State and National championships she participated in, the medals that added to her self confidence, and her patience to learn and work harder each time, helped her to give her best in the Special Olympics World Summer Games, 2015 held in Los Angeles where her team won a Bronze medal. Charu who was initially an introvert is now one of the most helpful, responsible and sociable alumni of DISHA whose values of sharing and caring came from the lessons in sports, with not just friends in her school but friends beyond borders whom she got acquainted with during her camps and competitions.

Currently 25 years old, Charu is now self-employed with her own stitching boutique, where with the help of her mother, she sells handmade bags, cushion covers etc.

Her story is the kind of fairy tale we believe in & tell our students time and again to inspire them to write one for themselves. Yes, fairy tales in Disha are very much real and they hold in them a pressing need to be told.


Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong, that obstacles only act as motivation. In Disha, obstacles are the daily part of life that we fight against. One similar story is that of Shantanu. Happy and chirpy as he seems today, Shantanu was suffering from severe speech impairment, Cerebral Palsy and Mental retardation when he joined Disha in 1997.

He had difficulty in expressing himself and was extremely shy. Slowly and gradually, his training started to bear fruit when he learned how to express himself in words. He was a keen participant of various cultural activities such as dancing and drawing and used to love Karate and various other games. As his speech improved, so did his personality as now he could confidently interact with fellow students.

success story

Disha not only took care of his physical rehabilitation but also got him placed with a company called Wires and Fabric in 2001 when he left Disha. He had cleared his 8th standard when he was offered the job as a material inspector with the company. Now he works and lives in Hanumangarh with his parents. He feels proud of his achievements since he has been assigned important work. He was able to learn the work all by himself and feels he can do whatever other employees do.

On this date, Shantanu is 36 years of age and earns around INR 10,000 per month. To everyone’s delight, he is also married and has a child of his own. He feels he has a message for other students “Be hopeful, work hard, and always be polite in life”.

His story speaks of a great personal success that very few in his position are able to achieve in their lifetime.