Public Awareness & Advocacy

The international Day for the disabled is observed on 3rd December. At Disha, this important occasion was observed for a week. As an awareness and advocacy drive a signature campaign was organized where every day, the Disha bus carried a few Disha students accompanied by teachers to different main stream schools, where the special children and main stream children inter mingled with each other. The main stream students realized the special children’s needs and gave them signatures in support of the cause of disability 10,000 students signed.

  • Elocution competition was organized on the need of Physical and Social Accessibility by the disabled. Thirteen schools at Junior and Senior levels participated where the main stream students talked with amazing in depth insights into disability related issues.
  • College students participated in a poster completion on accessibility.
  • Children from Disha performed sensitive skits highlighting the road blocks that the disabled face throughout life.
  • Throughout the year students from colleges of Engineering, MSW, M.Ed(General Education ) Nursing, MBA ,visit Disha and spend a day or two understanding the disability issues.
  • Students from various states of India and from abroad join Disha for their internships. Here they get expressed to the needs of the disabled and how to help them.
  • A large number of people from various walks of life, varied back grounds and varied age groups come in on voluntary basis for short and long durations to help out in daily routine, outings and functions.